President Tomás D. Morales


This is California State University, San Bernardino. It is my privilege to welcome you to a campus dedicated to advancing our communities. Behind that mission is an outstanding group of faculty and staff committed to student success and the preparation of our graduates.

CSUSB is the region's cornerstone for social and economic prosperity. For nearly 50 years, the university has educated our best scientists and teachers, business leaders and entrepreneurs, nurses and software engineers, and any number of other professionals.

Most important is our ability to transform lives. CSUSB offers an environment where students are challenged in and out of the classroom, where they can learn from and interact with faculty who are among the best in their fields. The enthusiastic and welcoming support of the CSUSB family makes it possible for students to expand their academic and social horizons, to interact with people from a widely diverse set of cultures, to be creative and ultimately succeed.

Our goal is to increase the likelihood that students will not only come to CSUSB, but that they will continue their education, graduate in a timely manner and launch into successful professional careers. These are the graduates who will be tomorrow's business and community leaders.

I hope you'll visit our beautiful campus, and please say hello while you're here.


Tomás D. Morales